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For example, unskilled labor might be mobile between sectors, whereas physical capital, say, is used only in the production of import-competing goods and a third input, skilled labor, is concentrated in the export sector.In such a scenario, what effect on income distribution would follow from a reduction in the price of the import-competing good brought about by new supplies on world markets?Some might argue that this fits the recent experience and setting in the United States fairly well.Although the effects of globalization working through the terms of trade may be important, many economists have argued that changes in the wage premium in recent years are more likely to be the result of the extent and type of changes in technology that have been developed.To understand the Stolper/Samuelson argument, suppose that a developed country produces two commodities for the world market, namely, a commodity that competes with imports from abroad and a commodity that is exported.Furthermore, assume that in this country, the techniques used to produce the two commodities differ from each other.

In each case, the logic is familiar from the earlier case: the relative change in each commodity price must be bounded by the relative changes in input prices.In the language of international trade theory, the change in relative commodity prices has resulted in a magnified change in the wage rates.Thus, a 15% fall in the price of importables, brought about by greater supplies being provided in the world market, could serve to depress the unskilled wage rate by 25% and raise the skilled wage rate by 10%.Now consider a slight alteration: let physical capital be mobile between sectors, unskilled labor used only in helping to produce import-competing goods, whereas skilled labor, as before, is specific to the exportable sector.A price fall in importables unambiguously hurts the unskilled while improving the real return to skilled workers.

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