Adobe flash player not updating internet explorer was g dragon dating sohee

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Adobe flash player not updating internet explorer

I have said this here for years and now it is more true than ever.For one thing, Chrome does a painless (if at times less than perfect) job of keeping the Flash Player up to date with bug fixes.Adobe used to have a fourth Flash tester but sometime in Jan 2014 or earlier, it was merged into the above. 2014) FLASH PLAYER on CHROME OS (created Oct 15, 2015) I ran into an interesting wrinkle while logged on as a Guest user on a Chromebook.The upside to being a guest user is that you always start with a virgin copy of the operating system.On Windows 8, Flash in IE10 and 11 is updated with Windows Update.On Windows 7, IE10 and IE11 depend on Adobe rather than Microsoft.Each Windows browser self-updates Flash using a different mechanism.Internet Explorer, in its never-ending quest to be the worst option, updates Flash one way on Windows 7 and a different way on Windows 8.x.

Each packaging of the Flash Player is independent, so one of Adobe's Flash tester pages (linked to above) needs to be run in each installed browser.Many times the Chrome browser has reported that it was up to date, yet Flash was not.GOODBYE FLASH This site (page really) started as way for me to easily find the main Adobe Flash tester page (links at the top above) which reports both on the installed copy of Flash in your browser and the latest version for assorted operating systems.When the installed version is old, it tells you what the latest version is for your browser/OS. The bad news is that it punts on the Chrome browser and IE on Windows 8.In both cases it says that Flash should be updated automatically, so fuggedaboutit, you're fine.

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This too, has been true for a long time, and was illustrated recently when a flaw was exploitable in IE and Firefox but not in Chrome.