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Aliendating com

Adding a white or yellow 2 would cause my collection to have a forbidden four of a kind set.Adding a brown 1 would cause my collection to have a forbidden threesome set.Starting with the current player, each player either bids on a pile or passes.Bids are also in the form of rocks; a player may bid as many rocks as she wishes from her personal collection.Assistants gather groups of rocks of varying colors and types and everyone bids on the groups. Some combination of rock colors and types are proscribed and should be avoided whenever possible.It seems like a traditional auctioning and set-collection sort of game, like Masterpiece, but it’s not, it’s actually flipped: the true object is to spend as much as possible on each auction and to avoid collecting sets, especially later in the game when the proscribed combinations are more costly. You use psychology, math, and your best auctioning poker face to get everyone else to do the accumulating.

Each bid is the sum of the point values of it’s rocks: if you bid a 3 rock and a 2 rock and a 1 rock you are bidding six.It was unreachable for so long—we only landed on the moon 47 years ago.A deep interest in aliens is so much a part of our culture that we have movie after movie (not to mention television, novels, comic books…) enthralling us with stories of other worlds and extraterrestrial life.Each collection is then scored for the presence of “forbidden” sets.In the example above, either a brown 3 or a pink 1 would cause my collection to have a forbidden 1,2,3 flush set.

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For reference, the closest star system to our planet is Alpha Centauri, which is 4.37 light years away (that’s about 25 trillion miles).

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