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Dating with a purpose

She then looked out at us and said, why are these lists different?The qualities we want in our future husbands are what matter, not what we look for in a boyfriend.So even though I read articles in Seventeen about how awesome relationships are and dreamed about having that perfect relationship, it wasn’t something I needed to feel worth something.Dating a lot and for no reason other than to have someone to fill a role in your life is really damaging in your development of independence.

Not only is the advice contained herein highly (and oddly) specific- but also largely useless when applied in real life situations.I may be 19 and have at the least a couple of years ahead of me until marriage, but I’ve always been told I was mature for my age.My parents raised me with a grown-up mindset and attitude.We read through them, then she asked the same girls to come up and write the qualities we wanted in our future husbands. She asked us to review our own lists and looking at mine I saw noticeable differences.This was no surprise to the woman holding the conference.

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I can own up and say that I was not meant to marry the people I’ve dated in the past.

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