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Guild guitars resources dating

From the spark in your eyes to the enthusiasm in your e-mails, we recognize fellow guitar aficionados immediately.

And you’ll recognize those same traits in the people you deal with at Gary’s Classic Guitars.

Gary Dick is the owner and founder of Gary's Classic Guitars.

He has been collecting, playing, and dealing in fine vintage guitars and rare guitars for more than 25 years.

1964 Rickenbacker Rose Morris 1998 His first public guitar smashing, where he cracked the headstock of his guitar on a low ceiling, pulling it out and realizing the damage, he smashed the remainder in disgust, then turned to pick up his Rick 12 and continued playing.

The next gig at the Railway, the crowd expected him to smash a guitar again.

I bounced all over the stage with it and I threw the bits on the stage and I picked up my spare guitar and carried on as though I really had meant to do it. Guitars, and he asked me to bring it so that he could see it again after many years.

Our collection of vintage guitars and rare guitars is among the nations largest.

From acoustic to electric, if you’re looking for a quality vintage guitar, you’ll find it at Gary’s Classic Guitars.

Buying and selling guitars began as a hobby, until 1993, when he left the corporate world to make Gary's Classic Guitars his full-time career. 1967, with his high school band, "The Intensities".

Gary is pictured, in center, playing his 1964 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster.

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Pete: (After cracking the headstock) I was expecting everybody to go, “Wow, he’s broken his guitar, he’s broken his guitar,” but nobody did anything, which made me kind of angry in a way.

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