Optically stimulated luminescence dating of fluvial deposits a review

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Optically stimulated luminescence dating of fluvial deposits a review

Aside from affording a scanty pasturage, scabland is almost without value. The scablands are wounds only partially healed – great wounds in the epidermis of soil with which Nature protects the underlying rock.“With eyes only a few feet above the ground the observer today must travel back and forth repeatedly and must record his observations mentally, photographically, by sketch and by map before he can form anything approaching a complete picture.The two men did not know one another and worked in entirely different fields.What they have in common, however, and the reason that the mainstream science press which once attacked them now sings their praises, is that both spent decades being vilified by their scientific peers but were ultimately proved right.In 1911 he enrolled at the University of Chicago to pursue a doctorate in geology.He graduated summa cum laude in 1913 and immediately thereafter returned to Seattle where he accepted a position as assistant professor of geology at the University of Washington.Here is Bretz, writing in 1928 after one of his field trips across Washington State in the Pacific Northwest of the US: “No one with an eye for landforms can cross eastern Washington in daylight without encountering and being impressed by the ‘”scabland’.” Like great scars marring the otherwise fair face of the plateau are these elongated tracts of bare, or nearly bare, black rock carved into mazes of buttes and canyons. It interrupts the wheat lands, parcelling them out into hill tracts less than 40 acres to more than 40 square miles in extent.One can neither reach them nor depart from them without crossing some part of the ramifying scabland.

Although he didn’t have a geology degree at the time, he succeeded in getting several articles on his findings published in scientific journals.He couldn’t help but wonder, “where had all the debris come from, and when?” Again the answer that presented itself to him was a flood. had begun in this region, then abruptly stopped”,’ really began to take shape.Such ideas, which had acquired the status of unchallengeable truth by the 1920’s, had themselves arisen from the needful – indeed essential – overthrow of the old religious belief in creationism and the notion that God whimsically intervened in the earth’s history by ordaining cataclysms such as the Biblical Flood.In righteous opposition to these thoughts of supernatural creation and destruction, uniformitarianism seemed a profoundly rational response that saw only the forces of nature at work upon the earth over periods of millions, or indeed billions of years.

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It was well understood that at the margin of the north American ice sheets there must have been some melting – as one indeed sees at the edges of all glaciers today.