Pumas dating younger men Spy camssex

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Pumas dating younger men

‘Puma’ and ‘cougar’ are names attributed to women who are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.Let us look at some of the differences between puma and cougar women.She says younger guys are generally clingier because they haven’t experienced as many relationships.“Looking back now, I didn’t really like dating a younger guy because I felt that he held me back from maturing and from meeting other people my age,” Chelsea says.

“A woman who is well defined, strong, flexible, confident and goes after what she wants but can still remain a lady, is worthy of the cougar name,” Barkley said.

These younger “cougars in training” have very specific names.

Barkley says a woman in her 20's is a kitten, a woman in her 30's is a puma, and a woman over the age of 60 is a panther.

“I've had more experiences through college and life, that he had not.

That caused a logistical off-balance in our relationship, and resulted in our short-lived relationship,” she said.

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Hilary’s boyfriend, Al, was a senior in high school when she left for college.