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A post written by the social media giant’s chief security officer Alex Stamos said the adverts were mostly focused on promoting disunity rather than attacking or promoting any particular candidates and around 25 per cent were geographically targeted.The company later agreed to give congressional investigators copies of the pro-Trump adverts purchased as part of the wider probe into whether Russia influenced the election, and to what extent the Trump campaign knew about it.Western military officials say Russia has been hacking into the cellphones of NATO soldiers stationed in Eastern Europe in an attempt to steal information, track troop levels and intimidate soldiers.Troops, officers and government officials of NATO member countries who spoke with the Wall Street Journal says that the sophistication of the hacking indicates it's being coordinated by the Russian government. soldiers in Estonia in February, just across the river from Russia and its fortress of Ivanogorod Military officials are split about the significance of the hacking though.

Having lived and worked in the US, Germany and Russia, she is currently based in Budapest, Hungary.At least one of the targeted Facebook adverts bought by Russians during the 2016 presidential election campaign attacked the Black Lives Matter movement and specifically targeted areas where riots had taken place.Earlier this month Facebook admitted it probably had sold 0,000 (£74,000) worth of adverts to fake accounts operated from Russia.Her work has been featured by Salon, The Nation, Rethinking Russia, Russia Direct, tele SUR, The BRICS Post and others.FRESH details showing how Stalin's engineers stripped a B-29 Superfortress bomber "rivet-by-rivet" and copied it to produce their own aircraft capable of carrying a nuclear bomb to New York were published by an American historian yesterday.

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The impounded plane, one of three United States Air Force bombers that made forced landings in the Soviet Far East port of Vladivostok in 1944, was reduced to its 105,000 component parts and each one was copied by engineers working for the aviation pioneer Andrei Tupolev.

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