Updating the boostmobile motorola i1 online dating on mobile

Posted by / 13-Aug-2017 15:48

The Moto G for Boost Mobile has been available for less than a month at this point, but owners of the CDMA-ified device are already receiving a pretty significant update.

Motorola says that it has begun pushing an update to Android 4.4.2 to the Boost Mobile version of the Moto G that bumps the device to software version KXB20.9-1.10-1.18 and includes the following tweaks: In addition to this Moto G update, Motorola says that owners of the Moto X on Canadian carriers Fido and Rogers will begin receiving their own Android 4.4.2 updates this week.

Today, Sprint’s confirming those rumors with an official announcement. Unfortunately, Sprint’s latest Playbook didn’t reveal anything new regarding the Samsung Epic 4G (like a release date and price), but the lesser-anticipated Motorola i1 seems to have gotten a final retail date.

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Motorola notes that those are the first Moto X units to receive version 4.4.2 of Kit Kat, making those two updates pretty significant.

Considering how quickly the company was able to push Android 4.4 to the U. Moto X variants last month, though, I'm sure that it won't be long before we start to see other flavors of the Moto X get bumped up to 4.4.2.

Prepaid phones usually consist of simple cell phones or normal feature phones, so we're always pleasantly surprised when a smartphone is made available for prepaid carriers.

The Motorola i1 is one such handset--it's the first Google Android phone for , and it's also the first Google Android smartphone to run on Nextel's i DEN network.

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