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Bouchercon offers wonderful opportunities for all authors, whether you end up on a panel or not.

It is your chance to meet hundreds of uber-fans of crime fiction — whether it be in the bar, at social events, or at other Bouchercon-sponsored events…and to meet the authors you yourself have always wanted to meet.

Pressing the mute button the first time will silence the audio.

Pressing it a second time will generate a prompt on the display that will read: "Lockout? are the only places in the United States that currently ban radar detectors.

If a new source of radar or laser appears in the area you will receive a full audio and visual alert.

To mark a particular location, press the "MRK" button. " Press the "MRK" button again to assign a label to it.

Once you've selected the label, press the "MRK" button again to confirm.

Most have small areas to mount detectors and GPS nav units. Autolearn uses the GPS feature to identify sources of false radar and memorizes location and frequency of each radar signal.

Our Auto Learn software then compares signals received over time and eliminates audio alerts for non-police sources.

The display will identify that a signal is present but no audio alert will be sounded.

Here are the latest details of the Programming for each day.

Check back to see if there have been any changes as we will be updating more and more frequently as the convention approaches!

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