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Youtube views updating

It was very hard to explain to that person the reason he was seeing adult ads was because he was likely searching for that type of material or viewing those types of pages in the past few days.

It can get worse if someone tries to screen cap your video (because You Tube doesn’t allow downloads) and they accidentally screen cap one of those distasteful ads along with your video.

Advertisements can only be turned off on YOUR OWN VIDEOS. Only you have the power to control your own videos – not the videos of others.

This is the most often misunderstood concept about turning off You Tube advertisements.

Then they decide to repost it and you look even worse because it looks like it was part of your movie in the first place.

Those are just a few reasons we might want to remove ads from our own You Tube videos.

While the endpoint is the same, the steps to get there have changed slightly and many of our subscribers have requested an update.Great question – and this is a source of frustration and confusion for many people.Remember, You Tube makes money (and alot of it) from advertisements.Click your profile icon and then click Creator Studio.Once your creator studio loads you’re taken to the overall settings page for your You Tube account.

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Clicking Channel opens up a list of other settings you can control within your channel. It will take you to the advanced settings integrations which is where you advertisement settings are found. Here, you’ll have access to all your advanced settings. By default, the “Allow Advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos” check box will be selected.

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